Genimous Technology


      Genimous Technology is formerly known as Henan Star Hi-Tech Co. Ltd which is a incoperated company established in 1996 with the approval of Henan share(1996) No.7 issued by Henan Provincial Commission for Restructuring the Economic System. Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Star Hi-Tech starts its IPO of A shares by raising, and was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996.

      In December 2014, Genimous Depu signed the Equity Transfer Agreement with a controlling shareholder of Zhenghong Property, a listed company, and as the transferee company, Genimous Depu had 20.03% stake of Zhenghong Property, which made Genimous Depu become the first majority shareholder.

      In May 2016, the company completed the major asset restructuring, the purchases of assets through issuing shares, and the raising of matching funds, the purchased assets  including mobile Internet advertising business platform -- Falcon Network, mobile application stores -- App China, digital integrated marketing platform -- iFusion Information, overseas Internet software development and distribution platform -- Spigot. The company's main business changed into mobile Internet traffic business, becoming a mobile Internet traffic company with the Trinity of mobile Internet traffic portal, operating platform and the commercial monetization channel. The company will adhere to the mobile Internet business-based, and gradually shrink the size of the original business.